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Robin Williams by raggyrabbit94
Robin Williams
In memory of the great, Robin Williams.
When the news came out, I couldn't believe it. Robin Williams was my favourite comedian and actor, and he was such a sweet man. Since I was little I loved him as the Genie, and Aladdin is my favourite Disney movies. 

Rest in Peace, Robin. We'll miss you. :'(
The Royal Alicorn Family by raggyrabbit94
The Royal Alicorn Family
Here we have my version of Princess Celestia's and Princess Luna's parents. Queen Summer Sun and King Night Glider. This is how I picture them.

Summer Sun was believed to be born at the dawn of time, and created the sunrise. Her mane is an orange, pink and purple aurora similar to the sun rise.
She was a kind ruler and promoted peace and harmony among her subjects. Her cutie mark is half a sun and half moon together with a pair of eyes. She also has a sun symbol over her eye. I based her colour on the G3 pony Sunny Daze. URL/…

Night Glider was a bold noble King, it was believed he created the stars and constellations. His mane is like a starry galaxy.
He was the commander during the Equestrian/ Changeling War, and saved Summer sun's life in a battle. His cutie mark is a blue ringed planet with cluster of stars and moons. He also has a moon and stars symbol on his face.  He is loosley based on the G1 earth pony of the same name. URL/…

Daddy Sombra by raggyrabbit94
Daddy Sombra
Here we have some more King Sombra Fan art, this is Sombra with his young daughter Shadowlight Crystal . She mostly takes after Twilight, she loves reading about ancient unicorn history and practicing her spell books. Despite her sinister appearance, she is playful and also enjoys making friends. 

Under My Wing by raggyrabbit94
Under My Wing
:iconrainbowdashplz: Keep your'e head straight, flap faster.
:iconscootaloohappyplz: Like this, Rainbow dash?
:iconfillyrainbowdashplz: Like this, Dad? Am I doing it?

Here we have Rainbow Dash training Scootaloo and teaching her to fly, the way Rainbow's father taught her. I know Scootaloo can't fly as shown in "Flight to the finish" but I would like to see Scootaloo have more character developement next season.

Also, I'll like to see the writers develop Rainbow dash and Scootaloo's relationship as sisters such as "Sleepless in Ponyville". Furthermore, I would also like to see more of Rainbow's past or see more from her family (we have seen her possible father in "Games Ponies play" but we don't know much about him). Possible predictions for Season 5?


Hello, Everybody. I haven't been on Deviant art on a few months, I have been busy with tons of assignments and school work for TAFE, I've had a lot of work to do, but I'll start posting more artwork very soon. 

I have also been going out and having fun with my family. 

Early in the year we went to see Grease, the Musical with my sister, my mum, my aunt and my cousin, so it was like a girls night out. I'm not much of a retro 50s fan but I thought it was real cool. We also had slushies in plastic magarita cups which light up, I still have mine as a souvenir. 

In April, we went to the city for my sister's birthday and watched The Amazing Spiderman 2. It was literally "amazing", plenty of action, drama and suspence to keep you on the set of your pants. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it now. 

On May 23, my family went to see The Lion King stage musical at the Sydney Capital theatre. It was so epic, I was overwelmed by how spectacular it was. I also brought myself a souvenir, a yellow Lion King coffee mug, and I brought a Lion King water bottle for my sister. 

And finally, on June 9th, we went to the grand premier of How to Train your Dragon 2 in 3D. We had complementry popcorn boxes in every seat and 3D glasses. It was so brilliant, it was better than the first movie. Spoilers: bring tissues for the sad part. 

I'll be posting more art again soon. Keep smiling. :)


I am Oz the great and powerful
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello, universe. Name is Ann-Marie, aka Raggy Rabbit. I am Australian, I'm finishing yr 12, and I am one of those nerds that never grew out of cartoons.

I've been drawing all my life, (ever since I could pick up a pencil :) ). My hobbies include drawing, painting, mosaicing, ceramics, photography, photoshop, florestry, reading, jewelry making and making long list of things I like.
First time deviant. Long time artist. hoping to do graphic design classes.
You are all welcomed to check out my art. So much to do, so little time...
you can also visit me at my photography website below-

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Hi raggyrabbit94, have u ever watched the first ''Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers'' episode ''Catteries Not Included'', where the crew helping a little girl with long brunette hair find her missing pet kitten named ''Spunky'' which was stolen by ''Robotic Dogs'' created by the show's first ever villain ''Professor Nimnul'', have u ever watched that very ''Catteries Not Included'' episode??

can u draw the little long brunette haired girl with a blue band on top of it wearing her red jacket with a white polo shirt inside, her dark blue shorts and her black shoes and white socks that she wore inside the police station and in her bedroom of her parents' house and draw her in her pink collared fancy longsleeved pajamas and barefeet, can u post them to your ''Newest Deviations'' page, please??
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Greetings, Jesse :-)
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